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Principle 17

Inclusion of people with disabilities

80 million people in Europe live with a disability and many are victims of discrimination. For these people, the EU should be a source of augmented freedom and opportunities. People with disabilities face a dire situation in the European labour market, with an employment rate of 48.1% in comparison to 73.9% for the general population. Women and young people with disabilities are confronted with even lower employment rates. These figures, however, do not give an insight into quality of employment The EU should allocate funds, especially the ESF+, to increase the resources that Member States allocate to equal opportunities, infrastructure inclusion and activation measures. The legislative protection and promotion of people with disabilities within the labour market, both in access to employment and in keeping the job, will be assessed and monitored in all Member States, so as to fill the loopholes.

Actions aimed at setting a minimum floor of rights in the EU, a level playing field in the Single Market

  1. Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and clarify the concept of reasonable accommodation. Building on the European Strategy for Disability and Directive 2000/78.
  2. Fitness check of the EU and national laws to propose further rules that ensure full inclusion of people with disabilities in society and in the labour market.
  3. New European Disability Strategy, to be built on the objectives not achieved by the current European Disability Strategy, the commitments of the European Pillar of Social Rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Actions aimed at establishing upward convergence in living and working conditions

  1. Monitor the employment rates of people with disabilities in connection with investment for active inclusion, provision of enabling services, poverty and exclusion.
  2. Monitor effectiveness of existing legal frameworks within Member States aimed at integration of people with disabilities into the Labour Market and envisage an EU legal framework.